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261 Fearless hits the UK

Followers of my blog will know that I’m an ambassador for 261Fearless, a movement which empowers women through running, all over the world. I’m really excited that the movement has come to the UK and that my running club has become the first official UK 261 Fearless club. More than that, I’m now involved in training other women to become coaches and set up their own clubs. Interested? Read on to find out what’s involved, we’d love to have you on board! 

Looking back at 2015 and drooling with excitement at 2016!

I’m keen on self-reflection. I wrote a diary for years as a child and I dip in again from time to time now.  I find it very therapeutic and I just LOVE reading it back. It helps me to be grateful for all I have and to set targets for the year ahead. It’s amazing how much you forget, even in the space of a year. I guess blogging and vlogging kind of replaces a diary in some ways but I’ll still be making my yearly entry looking back on the year I’ve had and making plans for 2016.

Running and dogs; the dos and don’ts

I teamed up with my school friend from years past to put together some tips for how to deal with dogs you meet on your runs. Justine Schuurmans is co-founder of The Family Dog, a company that helps busy families to deal with all manner of doggy antics. It’s been an invaluable resource for my family as we got our first puppy. My children have loved their video clips and learnt so much about respecting our dog’s behaviour. What better person to give us runners some tips. I’ve certainly had some close shaves on my runs and I was keen to get her advice. Here’s the link to my Women’s Running guest blog on the topic. RUNNING AND DOGS It certainly stimulated some debate on the Women’s Running Facebook page. Have you had any good or bad runner meets dog experiences. Who is to blame, the owners, the dogs or the runners? Image: Janet Woodhouse

What’s on my feet? Getting sentimental about trainers!

When I became a runner I found my eyes drawn to people’s feet to check out their trainers.  A similar thing happened when I was shopping for my first pushchair. Suddenly they’re everywhere and you become acutely aware of the diversity; the colours, the models and the matching accessories. The choice can feel overwhelming. 

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Does your period slow you down?

There’s been lots of talk recently about how menstruation can affect an athlete’s performance. It’s not just the elite athletes who struggle.  Many women find their lives are ruled by their monthly cycle.  Leaving the house can be hard for some let alone donning lycra and going for a run.  Women’s Running magazine asked me to write about the topic last year and with all the recent coverage I thought it would be helpful to take another look at the glamorous topic of running and periods! Image “Snail after rain” Robert Michalek cc Albuminarium